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Miriam Neiman--The IC/OOC Update

My net access turned to pure suck for about six months after my desktop computer died. Meanwhile, the author and I were working on Miriam's novel together, her as writer/editor and me as second-round beta reader. I am now on a POS secondhand on borrowed Net access, but it's regular and working. 

Miriam just went through an AU version of the novel she is from. In a nutshell, she helped Ezra and his descendents defend themselves from a powerful, telepathic Nephil and his pawns. Unfortunately, in the endgame of the battle, she killed him with the Sword but was herself attacked psychically. As a result she has lost several key bits of her memory and is undergoing treatment. Still deaged to a very youthful late forties, still carrying around Ezra's Sword and doing work for him, she has recently shown up back in town.


RP Post: Comrades in Arms

They had driven for a good while when Miriam finally drove down to San Francisco's warehouse district and brought them into an underground parking garage. "The whole building's technically a safehouse. We'll use the top floor. I have a garden on the rooftop that you might find a bit pleasant after all that craziness."

The whole place had a strange air. It did not seem quite as polluted as the neighborhood around it, and greenery grew around the place in such profusion that it cracked the concrete in places. "It's a bit of a personal hideaway. I for one find it restful."

She led him to the service elevator and up to the fifth floor, which turned out to be a large half-finished loft in brick and timber. A sniper rifle mount and a telescope sat in a window on each side of the floor. "Here we are."
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Pimping a little LJ game of mine...

What if a connection was discovered between all superhuman beings? One single, undeniable thread of commonality that explained the origins of everything from the vampire in one's neighborhood to one's own precognitive dreams? What if someone was out to hunt all of these superhuman beings due to this common thread? And what if your character suddenly found her or himself on their hit list?

The game is called club_anakim It is set in my novelverse. It's really well-established urban fantasy environment, with six published short stories so far.

Basic premise: all supernatural beings, superhumans, mages, psychics and those of their blood are in fact the descendants of a single race. Unfortunately, that race has an ancient enemy, and it wants you dead. Fortunately, some of your distant kin want to help you survive the hunt, and they will do all within their power to help you out. But other than that, and a few others like you, you are on your own...

This game is shaping up to be more mystery-oriented, with good jolts of action. We have a lot of "thinker" characters, with some men and women of action mixed in. Game pace is medium, and I'm able to check in quite regularly.