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miriam_neiman's Journal

Miriam Neiman
30 October
External Services:
  • miriam_neiman@livejournal.com
Name: Miriam Neiman
Age: 54
Race: Badass Normal
Occupation: Mercenary/Vigilante
Fandom: "Chance Encounter" and "Mistaken Intentions" by Rebecca Lloyd

Miriam Neiman is a retired "freelance intelligence operant" who worked for both British and Israeli interests in order to fund her real calling--hunting Nazis, and recapturing Jewish property looted during the Holocaust. The daughter of a Holocaust survivor, she has no idea who her father is; her mother wrote of being visited by an angel in Bergen-Belsen, but she herself has always assumed one of the German guards at the prison camp was involved. She grew up in London and then in Israel, taken in by "Aunt A", a fellow survivor who was the sister of Miriam's mother's now-dead husband. Her mother committed suicide at age ten; Miriam became increasingly bitter and uncontrollable until she was shipped off to private school.

She joined the military as a channel for her anger, but found that as a woman she would neither see combat nor do anything else that was meaningful to her. After being discharged for stealing a rifle and helping to cover a checkpoint (saving several of her male counterparts from a suicide bomber in the process), she went freelance. Her work as a mercenary paid for her hunts in South America and Eastern Europe, where she tracked down Nazis who had escaped justice after the war. Successful, wealthy on blood money and battle-scarred, she was taken completely by surprise by a pregnancy at the age of forty.

Erik was born blind and sickly, and Miriam left Israel for Britain in order to raise him far from her old enemies. Unfortunately, the Thule Society caught up with her, murdered her son, and sent her a videotape of the proceedings. She snapped, and spent the next few years tracking down and killing all of them. Horrified by her own actions and haunted by Erik's death, she moved to the United States to try and rebuild her life. Since then, she has lived alone, and wears only black.

Information on the anthology she appears in, and a sample story starring her, are available on the author's webpage.